Administrative Structure

academic affairs


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Bhairahawa, Rupandehi



There are two policy boards: the Executive Committee and the Advisory Committee. These boards work together to form broad policy guidelines for the goals and missions of the college, research centers, and community related engagements, both local and global. One another major function of PNMF boards is to seek grants, build resources, and create endowment funds. These activities are organized in four major groupings. Click here to learn more about the functions of the boards.


The college has organized itself into a few major divisional units to handle its academic needs and provide support for the growing research activities and international linkages generated by the PNMF.

  • Office of Academic Affairs (OAA)
  • Office of Finance and Administration (OFA)
  • Office of Research, Planning, and Development (ORPD)
  • Office of Global Affairs and Community Outreach (OGACO)

The Office of Academic Affairs entail the activities related to various degree programs, curriculum, exams, library, and the matters related to day-to-day teaching. This is headed by an academic officer (Principal).

The Office of Finance and Administration does all the budgetary planning, financial bookkeeping, and administrative affairs for the college. Currently, it is managed by the Managing Director.

The Office of Research, Planning, and Development acts as a facilitator to help faculty and students of PNMHI and various centers with their research grant activities (budgeting, grant paperwork processing, dealing with donors). It explores funding sources and helps faculty identify new funding opportunities. It also responds to the needs of the college and the community to provide necessary information about the activities of the college (e.g., student statistics, progress report). A Development Officer will head this department.

The Office of Global Affairs and Community Outreachworks to build public relations with the local community through various engagements (e.g., joint functions, health camps, information sharing, environmental awareness activities, and student internships). This office deals with the international partners to address their programmatic needs that help strengthen their ties with the college, centers, and the PNMF in general (e.g., study abroad, post-doc, sabbatical, teaching, visits, workshops, and be a liaison between these partners and the center directors.)


Currently, there are a few main areas of research activities supported by PNMF (e.g., Lumbini Center for Sustainability, Bio-park learning Center, and Innovation Lab). These activities will be headed by appropriately appointed directors, coordinators, and/or program officers. Read more