Financial Aid and Scholarships

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Bhairahawa, Rupandehi



Pratiman-Neema Scholarship

Two meritorious students in need of financial support, and who are in good standing in their moral character and discipline both in and outside the college, are eligible to receive fifty percent semester fee waiver for the semester that they are enrolled in.

Merit based Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to the best performing students in the entrance exam from all competitors who had applied as full fee payers in the respective schools. In this category, the full scholarship is provided to the top student, whereas, half scholarship is provided to the second student in each of the affiliated and CTEVT managed schools. This applies for the first year admission, whereas for the scholarship of second and third years, the result from the previous year will be considered as the basis for scholarship. Click Here.

Classified Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to underrepresented student populations: women, dalit, minority ethnic group, martyrs, former kamaiya, haliaya and disadvantaged groups. The first best performing student in the entrance exam from these groups will receive a full scholarship, and the second best performing student will receive partial scholarship. This scholarship is provided for one academic year.Click Here.

Dr. Alok Bohara Endowment Fund

The Dr. Alok Bohara Endowment Fund was established in 2013 by his wife Sujata Bohara and son Sudeep Chand Bohara in honor of his dedication and passion for providing motivation and inspiration to create this academic institution. The fund is managed by a governing board with Sujata Bohara as a trustee of this endowment fund. The annual interest earning from the fund is used to support the fellowships (e.g., meritorious scholarship) and other scholarly activities (e.g., faculty research seed money, student capstone projects, student leadership development).Click Here.