academic affairs


Sunauli Road (Sita Nursery)

Bhairahawa, Rupandehi


PNMHI has two spacious libraries- one for Basic Sciences and the other for Clinical Sciences. There are an adequate number of books as well as many general, scientific and medical journals. Multiple copies of text books, Internet/E-mail connection and photocopying facility make it easier for the students and staff to retrieve the information they want. The libraries also have self-learning areas with videos and CD-ROMs for computer based learning.

Library rules and regulation

  • Every person entering the library shall sign the register at the gate, thereby agreeing to the acceptance of the rules and regulations.
  • Each user has to show their personal documents to the library staff while checking in and out of the library.
  • Any user carrying unauthorized documents will be presumed to be stealing library property. Thus his/her name will be published on all PNMHI notice boards.
  • Library staff is fully authorized to search the library user if s/he suspects that they are carrying unauthorized documents from the library.
  • No one is allowed to borrow any document without a library card.
  • Eating food of any kind is not permitted inside the library.

Library Card

All faculty, students and staff of PNMHI are entitled to become library members. Prospective users are requested to bring auto size photographs to make their individual library card.

Overdue Charges

Overdue (late fine) shall be levied to all the members.
If the books are not returned after a month, membership of the library will be canceled. The defaulter will have to pay double the price of the book not returned. Furthermore the defaulter’s name will be displayed on all the PNMHI notice boards.
Note: All library users are required to read the library rules and regulations available at the library counter.

Download: Book list [Attach a pdf file of book list]