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Sunauli Road (Sita Nursery)

Bhairahawa, Rupandehi



Pratiman-Neema Memorial Health Institute (PNMHI; formally known as the Pratiman-Neema Vocational Training Institute) came to existence in 2008 as a non-profit academic institute, one of a handful of non-profit academic institutes in Nepal. PNMHI was established by a non-profit organization, Pratiman-Neema Memorial Foundation (PNMF). PNMHI aims to deliver higher education as well as to produce skilled manpower with an eye on the empowerment of underprivileged populations. Located in the southern plane of Nepal near Lumbini, the birth-place of Buddha, PNMHI is one of a handful of non-profit academic institutes in Nepal.

The institute began with a program in the health related field offering a three-year associate degree in Medical Laboratory Technician. The first batch completed their study in 2011 from this institute with a 100% job placement. Our goal is to replicate this success as we implement many other programs. As of 2014, a total of 211 students have been enrolled in this institute, and 80 students have received their degrees.

PNMHI continues to grow with new programs and activities. Lately, PNMHI has begun to forge linkages with the national and international institutions. An international workshop on January 6th 2105 is an example of our commitment of excellence. Sponsored by the PNMF and the PNMHI, this workshop was attended by scholars from USA, China, and Nepal. During the workshop, we committed ourselves to help this group establish a transnational research hub –the Lumbini Center for Sustainability. In addition, we are excited to launch an initiative to establish a bio-park learning center. We are confident that this learning center at PNMHI will help our students gain hands-on knowledge in areas outside the classroom.

I congratulate everyone for their hard work in these endeavors, especially the PNMHI faculty, staff and students and the scholarly network of PNMF. I am very confident that PNMHI will eventually become one of the most innovative academic institutions in the country.

Vijaya K. C.
Chairperson, PNMF



It is my pleasure to announce that PNMHI has completed more than six years of academic learning and teaching experience. I am proud to share that during this period we have made steady progress. The first batch of our students successfully passed their examination and ranking PNMHI first among the CMLT colleges outside Kathmandu valley, and ranked second nationwide. Hard work shown by the students in the final examination and continuous dedication from staff and guardians were the key factors to our success. I would like to thank everyone who was directly or indirectly involved in the progress of our institution. I am confident that we will continue to move forward and will make this institute a shining example of a successful training hub and quality education.

I am proud to inform you that our committed and dedicated faculties have been successful in completing their course as per our calendar of operation with a good balance of theory and practical experiments. We have blended the traditional way of teaching with group discussion, problem oriented learning, seminars & audio-visual teaching learning practices. All of these techniques have helped advance a holistic approach leading to a successful outcome.

After a successful completion of the program, our graduates can pursue other outlets and training programs. They can register and get training for a grade B level medical laboratory technician degree with the Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC). The grade “B” level skilled trainee is the most sought after manpower need of the various agencies such as the Public Service Commission, hospital laboratory, clinical laboratory, research Laboratory, quality control laboratory.

Our graduates possess three important traits, ASK: A = attitude, S = skill, & K = Knowledge. Our institutional family provides not only the required knowledge in medical laboratory, but also the skills and the attitude that will definitely make the learner an ideal professional.

Looking ahead, we have applied for more degree programs and we hope to start them soon. We are making efforts to establish linkage with both domestic and international academic institutions (e.g., University of New Mexico –USA, Kathmandu University, Nepal Engineering College, Tsinghua University –China, Nepal Study Center—UNM, just to name a few). I would like to welcome you all to join us to be a part of this ever growing institute.


Youbraj Neupane
Principal, PNMHI